Exploring the Best Restaurants in Ridgewood, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Glen Rock

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Exploring the Best Restaurants in Ridgewood, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Glen Rock

The affluent suburbs of Ridgewood, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Glen Rock provide a picturesque canvas for suburban bliss. The area has well-preserved historic and Victorian homes, modern homes with open layouts, and exciting potential for new construction. The spacious homes and expansive yards here are a breath of fresh air, and the gastronomic scene is divine.

From cozy cafés and bustling bistros to upscale dining experiences, the culinary offerings in Ridgewood, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Glen Rock cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring every meal is an adventure. The local restaurants pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create innovative and comforting dishes, reflecting the community's commitment to quality and sustainability. Living in these suburbs, with their serene settings and close-knit communities, provides a peaceful retreat from city life while still being within easy reach of New York City.

Ho-Ho-Kus Inn

1 E Franklin Turnpike, Ho-Ho-Kus

The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn is housed within a landmark dating back to 1790. It serves seasonal American cuisine, emphasizing local, farm-fresh ingredients. Guests can indulge in an array of dishes, including succulent steaks and freshly shucked raw oysters, each crafted to reflect the best of what the season has to offer. The Inn's layout includes multiple dining rooms, a cozy bar, and an inviting patio. Recognition for its exceptional wine selection came in 2020 when the Inn was honored with the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, underlining its commitment to providing guests with a distinguished dining experience.

Just Janice

23 Sheridan Ave, Ho-Ho-Kus

Just Janice is an upscale casual destination serving brunch to dinner. The menu, known for its creativity and emphasis on freshness, features a tantalizing "fresh ravioli of the day," each batch prepared with the finest ingredients and a touch of innovation. For those craving comfort with a sophisticated twist, the homestyle meatloaf or Parmesan-crusted Mahi are just a few of the favored dishes. At Just Janice, every dish is curated to bring out the best in simple yet refined flavors.

Park West Tavern

30 Oak St, Ridgewood

Park West Tavern is a lively neighborhood pub where the quality of its fare matches the convivial atmosphere. The tavern boasts a selection of craft brews, and the food elevates the pub experience. Guests can explore an array of upscale dishes, including the option for small plates that encourage sharing and sampling across the table. Signature items such as homemade ricotta, rich in flavor and creamy in texture, and the prosciutto-wrapped cod, a perfect balance of savory and delicate, exemplify the tavern's commitment to high-quality, inventive cuisine. Food friends gather in Park West Tavern to enjoy a warm, welcoming environment.

Stella Artisan Italian

18 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood

Stella Artisan Italian serves authentic, hand-crafted Italian cuisine. This culinary gem is distinguished by its team of artisan chefs, who bring generations of craft cooking to the table, ensuring every dish is imbued with tradition and innovation. The cornerstone of Stella's menu is the reliance on farm-fresh ingredients, which are thoughtfully selected to bring out the vibrant flavors inherent in Italian cooking. Stella uses original spices and herbs sourced from Italy, ensuring that each meal delivers an authentic taste experience.

Village Green

36 Prospect St, Ridgewood

Village Green is in a historic building and achieved acclaim for its sophistication and commitment to high quality earning a Zagat rating. The venue's approach to dining is centered around an à la carte menu designed to showcase the culinary creativity of its chefs. This format invites guests to sample a variety of dishes that highlight the chefs' innovative use of flavors and techniques. Integral to Village Green's philosophy is a t dedication to sustainability, which underpins the exceptional taste and quality of their offerings. Village Green combines the elegance of traditional cuisine with the principles of modern sustainability.


17 Chestnut St, Ridgewood

Roots elevates the classic steakhouse experience with its distinct rustic atmosphere. The chophouse Specializes in dry-aged steaks and features an impressive 42-ounce prime porterhouse steak designed to be shared between two. Roots also boasts a raw bar, offering a selection of pristine, freshly shucked oysters and other raw delicacies. Not to be overlooked are the butter-basted Barnegat scallops. Like all others at Roots, this dish emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients to create rich and nuanced flavors. Roots stands as a beacon for those seeking an exceptional steakhouse experience combined with the charm and warmth of a rustic setting.


18 Prospect St, Ridgewood

Felina is a modern oasis of culinary delight, housed in an airy industrial space that combines sleek design with a welcoming atmosphere. This dining destination prides itself on offering Italian-inspired cuisine reimagined through the lens of contemporary innovation and flair. A standout feature of Felina is its rooftop bar, which provides guests with an elevated experience —literally and figuratively — offering sweeping views and a curated selection of drinks. The handmade pizza is crafted in an outdoor brick oven. Felina offers an engaging array of cooking and cocktail classes, inviting guests to delve into the artistry behind their favorite dishes and drinks. Additionally, the restaurant hosts exclusive wine dinners, creating an intimate setting for guests to explore sophisticated pairings.

Glen Rock Inn

222 Rock Rd, Glen Rock

Glen Rock Inn is a cozy gastropub with sophisticated dining. This venue distinguishes itself with a versatile setup that includes a banquet hall for special occasions, a vibrant sports bar for casual gatherings, and a restaurant area for formal dining. The emphasis on fresh ingredients is evident across a menu that changes regularly, reflecting the seasons and ensuring each visit offers a new culinary discovery. Live music adds to the ambiance, providing a lively backdrop that enhances the dining experience.

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The vibrant dining scene in Ridgewood, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Glen Rock reflects these communities' unique charm and allure, making them fantastic places to dine and wonderful places to live. The expert REALTORS® at The Ann + Melinda Group are trusted advisors for those considering moving to these picturesque suburbs. They keep clients informed and empowered throughout the buying process, ensuring decisions are made with the highest level of confidence. Their attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction make them your ideal partners.

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